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In 1960, Bertha Bertie Kennedy brought her special burger recipe to what was then known as Ramsey’s Tavern on Old Friedensburg in Exeter Township. Even though Ramsey’s had been a go-to water hole for over 100 years, it soon gained a reputation for having the “Best Burgers in Berks”. That reputation remains today over 60 years later as The New Bertie’s Inn continues the tradition of serving fresh hand-pressed half pound burgers, made to order. 

The History of Bertie’s Inn
of Exeter Township

Prior to 1853 – Snyder’s Tavern was owned by Peter Snyder
1853 – Renamed to Sarah Snyder’s Tavern, after Peter Snyder‘s death
* Sarah Snyder remarried to Henry Esterly
* Abraham Snyder (Schneider)
* Gechter’s Hotel – John Gechter never owned the property, but operated the tavern
1868 – Gechter’s Hotel is referenced within Reading Times
1894 – William Markley transferred the liquor license for Gechter’s from Abraham Snyder
1895 – Renamed to Ritter’s Tavern after Calvin K. Ritter purchased the tavern from Abraham Snyder (Schneider) on April 2, 1895.
1897 – Ritter’s Washington House – Reading Times article referring to it as Calvin Ritter’s Washington House
1917 – Freedman buys from Ritter’s widow by deed June 18, 1917
1917 – Gechter’s Hotel – William R. Freeman (license application February 1917)
1921 – Gechter’s Hotel – Purchased by John and Hannah Printz from Freeman on May 11th, 1921
* The liquor license transferred from Freeman to John Printz as well.
1922 – Printz sells off 8 acres
1923 to 1933 – The Prohibition
1924 – Aquilla Stanley buys Gechter’s Hotel from John & Hannah Printz on January 18th, 1924
1924 – Gechter’s Hotel and Ritter’s Tavern sold soft drinks
1934 – Renamed to Ramsey’s Tavern
1960 – Renamed to Bertie’s Inn by owner Bertha Kennedy
1989 – Bertie’s Inn owned by Pete Thomas
2021 The New Bertie’s Inn of Exeter Township owned by Patty Miravich

John and Patty
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